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VTG TEA Tanker (N Gauge)

Revolution Trains’ second ‘N’ gauge project is arguably closer to the heart of its co-founder, journalist Ben Ando. Ben had not only already developed a range of wagon kits for the N Gauge Society but had also partnered with Bernard Taylor to produce a small number of outstanding wagons under ATM Wagons brand.

Ben was itching to produce a wagon with Rapido and, after some discussion, the choice of prototype pretty much picked itself – the Greenbrier/VTG 100-tonne TEA bogie tank wagon.

The model has been produced with the full co-operation of the prototype’s owners, VTG Rail UK Ltd. The company has kindly allowed us exclusive access to its drawings archive, which is usually strictly off limits, to create the artwork for this project, as well as arranging a day out for the Revolution team and photographer Tom Smith to do some first-hand research. 

As with the ‘Pendolino’, Revolution presented us with us a challenging specification to meet… and we did it! The model include close-coupled NEM couplers, etched-metal roof walkways and prototypical detail variations.

This model was delivered in September 2016 and, unsurprisingly, have sold out. However, a second batch is being produced and you can order yours by clicking HERE.