Love them or hate them nearly everyone has a view on them – the S160 will be joining the Rapido Trains UK fleet.

Having been in the top 10 of various wishlist polls for many years, the S160 has been one of the most requested models we have been asked for. Couple to that that as we are a Company with links to North America it seemed a no-brainer for us to make a model of an American-built loco that operated in the UK.

However, it is not the easiest of projects. We have been working on this alongside our other projects for well over a year. No two preserved locos are the same, and there are even differences between the locomotives as built as they were supplied by several different manufacturers. After the war, the engines saw service all over the world and were heavily modified to suit their new operators’ requirements.

Our intention is to produce models of the original locomotives ‘as built’ as seen across the entire UK during the Second World War. We will also produce tooling to allow for several preserved examples to be modelled as closely as possible.

It is a little early for us to announce which exact locomotives and liveries we will be producing. Rest assured will share the news as soon as we are able to. Sign up to our newsletter HERE to see all the latest updates as this project progresses.

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