Do you have a Rapido Trains model that is lacking sound? Don’t despair! Your model can be upgraded to full DCC Sound capability with the same Official sound sets as fitted to our production models. Our models feature built in speakers making installation easy with near plug and play capability.

Please note: If you are looking for sound files for our North American products please get in touch via our contact page – we will help if we can!

16" Hunslet (Next18)Available£114.95
WR 15XX (Next 18)Available£114.95
Class 28 (Next 18)Available£114.95
Lion (Next 18)Available£114.95
APT-E (LokSound v5 21 Pin) - 2022 Release (SKU 924001) Available£114.95
Stirling Single (LokSound v5 21 Pin)Available£114.95

North American Products

VIA Rail LRC (LokSound v5 21 Pin)Available£114.95
RS18 (LokSound v5 21 Pin) - 2019 ReleaseAvailable£114.95

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