One of the questions we regularly get asked is: when are you going to produce your SECR wagons in ‘N’? We can answer that one now: we are!

We’re getting the factory to not only scale down our Dia. 1349 five-plank open, our Dia. 1355 seven-plank open and our Dia. 1426 van but also the six-wheel dual-veranda brake van too – a great combination of vehicles to make up a prototypical freight train.


We can confirm that the ‘N’ gauge wagons will be available in multi-packs and we have confirmed the liveries. 

Now, pay attention for this is where it gets a bit complicated:

The starting point is the ‘Freight Train Pack’. This contains 1x Dia. 1349 five-plank, 1x Dia. 1355 seven-plank, 1x Dia. 1426 van and 1x dual veranda brakevan. This will be available in SECR, SR (pre-1936 and post-1936) and BR liveries similar to our OO range.

We’ve then grouped the five-plank, the seven-plank and the van into triple packs, which then enable you to increase the length of your goods train at a stroke. We’ve called these ‘Top Up’ packs and they’re available in the same livery options – with each wagon having its own unique running number.

This is a bit of a different approach than other manufacturers take but we think that it’s the simplest way to build up accurate SECR and Southern Region goods trains in ‘N’. 


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