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“New Look” Guy Arab – WMPTE #3082 (MOF 82) – 82 BEARWOOD VIA DUDLEY ROAD

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Birmingham “New Look” Guy Arab – WMPTE #3082 (MOF 82).

West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive livery.

82 BEARWOOD VIA DUDLEY ROAD route destination.

100% accurate proportions based on laser-scans of the real thing.
Injection-moulded plastic and metal construction.
All body weld lines, extrusions and rivets accurately rendered.
Full, multi-coloured interior with no large posts blocking aisles.
Separate etched-metal interior grab poles.
Steerable front wheels with rubber tyres.
Flush glazing throughout.
Accurate, even paint finish that does not obscure the details.
Working headlamps & interior lighting.
Illuminated destination blinds.
Requires a 12V 500mA DC power supply (not included).

1/76 scale.

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