NER H Class – No.1310 NER Simplified Saxony Green Livery (as preserved)

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NER H Class
Wilson Worsdell NER Simplified Saxony Green (2011 – present)
10-spoke wheels
Parallel buffer guides with round buffer heads
Ramsbottom safety valve casing
Bell-shaped whistle
Plain smokebox with wheel type handle
Vacuum brake fitted
Die-cast metal and injection moulded plastic construction
High quality motor and mechanism
Next18 decoder socket
High level of detail with plenty of separately fitted parts
Optional user fitted coupling chains, shunting poles and other parts
Sprung buffers
Factory-fitted speaker in all models

SKU932002 : DCC Ready
932502 : DCC Sound Fitted
ScaleOO Gauge
CompanyNorth Eastern Railway
EraPre-Grouping (1870 - 1922)
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