Class 44 – 44008/D8 “Penyghent” BR Blue With Bodyside Stripe

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44008/D8 “Penyghent”
BR Blue(August 1979 – 1981 condition)
Different numbers on each side
Bodyside steps plated over
Outer bogie sandboxes only
Directional lighting
Next18 decoder socket
High quality motor and drive mechanism for smooth running
DCC sound option (with ESU Loksound 5 decoder)
NEM coupler pockets
Separately fitted handrails and wipers
A selection of discs so you may apply your chosen headcode
Separately-fitted radiator fan grill
Optional buffer beam hoses to fit as required

SKU948008 : DCC Ready
948508 : DCC Sound Fitted
ScaleN Scale
CompanyBritish Rail
EraBritish Rail Tops (1971 - 1986)
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