If you’re fitting your Class 390 Pendolino with DCC you will require two Next18 decoders that are identical in make and model.

If different brands or models are used, each end of your train may not run at the same speed as each other resulting in derailments, poor operation and possibly damage.

Due to the way the models have been wired one decoder will need its settings (CV values) changing so that the train operates in the same direction.

To do this follow the steps below:

1) Remove the bodies and fit your Next18 decoders in Car A and Car K

2) Place car A on your programming track and take a CV read of CV29. Note this value down.

3) Using your DCC controller (and following the manufacturers instructions) change the noted value by increasing it by 1. For example – if your CV29 read value 38 you need to change it to 39.

4) Change the address if desired in turn on BOTH Car A and Car K.

5) Place on your layout and test.

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