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The GWR pioneered the metal-bodied van, better known as the ‘Iron Mink’ and the basic design was adopted by not only private wagon builders but other railway companies. Other railways and builders would use what was essentially the ‘Iron Mink’ body but use underframes and fittings to their own design.

Whilst not quite right we thought we would offer ready-to-run vans to modellers of railway companies and private owner organisations where the pickings of RTR models are quite slim – we trust that modellers will overlook any slight prototypical inaccuracies in order to enjoy highly authentic and well-researched liveries on a beautiful looking and refined model.


You can order your ‘Not-Quite-Mink’ now by clicking on the products below. Don’t delay as modellers only have until June 5th 2023 to place their orders before production starts!

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