Here’s another project that showed the UK modeller just what levels of detail fidelity Rapido Trains could produce. Manufacturer for Realtrack Models, the Class 156 DMU sealed Rapido’s reputation for producing quality ‘OO’ gauge models of Second Generation BR multiple units.

Metro-Cammell at Washwood Heath (Birmingham) built 114 two-car Class 156s between 1987 and 1989 for British Rail, which replaced a number of first-generation DMU and locomotive hauled trains. 
Metro-Cammell had offered BR a new DMU in 1985 but it was deemed too radical. The ‘156’ was a much simpler option: it had a welded steel body (rather than aluminium) and a Class 150-style cab to ease acceptance by the Rail Unions. Interior fit out was carried out by Aston Martin Tickford. The units were all built as two-car sets, numbered 156401-514. Each unit was formed of two driving motors, one of which contained a toilet. Individual carriages numbered as follows: 

52401-52514 – Driving Motor Standard Lavatory (DMSL) 

57401-57514 – Driving Motor Standard (DMS), containing an area for storing bulky items.  

The vehicles are powered by six-cylinder Cummins NT855-R5 diesel engines through Voith T211r hydraulic automatic transmissions and Gmeinder final drive units to produce a top speed of 75mph. 

There are few areas of Britain where the Class 156s haven’t worked and they can be found in Scotland, East Anglia, Northern England and the Midlands. As such, there are few modern image modellers who can’t justify one of these fine models on their layouts.


• 3D scanned exterior for accurate body contours
• Completely hidden five-pole motor with dual flywheels
• A new standard for underframe detail for a British model with piping and a staggering number of separately applied parts!
• Full interior detail including factory-fitted lights and cab lighting
• Directional head/tail lights with working orange door warning lights and illuminated destination boards
• 21-pin DCC Ready and DCC Sound (ESU LokSound decoder) options available
• Etched metal details including exhaust guard and windscreen wipers
• Designed for drop-in conversion to ‘EM’ and ‘P4’
• Two liveries with five numbers available in the first run – every combination has unique printing
• Limited Edition produced strictly to order

This model has been exclusively produced for Realtrack Models. 

Click HERE to order your ‘156’.  

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