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Model Rail and Rapido Trains UK have come to a mutual agreement to cancel the proposed exclusive ready-to-run ‘OO’ gauge LBSCR ‘E1’ 0-6-0T that was first unveiled in 2018. However, it’s Rapido Trains UK’s intention to bring this project to fruition… but it can only progress with your help.

Model Rail Editor George Dent said, “The ‘E1’ would have been a superb addition to Model Rail’s range of exclusive models. But we only have a small team here and with so many projects under development, the ‘E1’ was simply a project too far. We’ve had to assess our plans for future projects and, unfortunately, the ‘E1’ wasn’t part of that plan. But we hope that Rapido will be able to make the project a success.”

Rapido UK Sales & Marketing Manager Richard Foster said, “I feel particularly guilty for announcing a project, getting people’s hopes up and then concentrating on other projects! I’m pleased that we’ve been able to come to an agreement with Model Rail for Rapido to take this project on ourselves. However, we can only make this project a success with your help.”

So why does Rapido Trains UK need your feedback? Well, the ‘E1’ was always going to be a complicated project. To cater for all the proposed versions would have involved lots of additional moulds and additional slides. Every single one of these changes pushes the price up.

Rapido Trains UK has, therefore, devised a way to make the ‘E1’ a more economical model to produce by reducing the number of potential versions produced. But is this what LBSCR aficionados want? Would modellers be prepared to pay more to get every version of ‘E1’? Would modellers be put off by fewer versions to choose from? Tell us your thoughts by clicking on the link and completing the short survey below!