It wasn’t just the pre-grouping companies of the South Coast that had RCH 1907 7-Plank side door wagons in mainline company use. Following the end of the Great War, the Great Northern Railway were given 50 7-plank wagons by the WD as replacement for GNR wagons lost or damaged during the War and set them to work as loco coal wagons. Incredibly all 50 survived into LNER ownership, where they were issued the LNER Diagram code 4150.

The LNER also had an agreement with Belgo-Anglaise des Ferry-Boats of Belgium, to provide cost-effective continental ferry rail freight between Harwich and Zeebrugge. This service used a number of hired-in wagons that were very similar to our new model. These hired vehicles had a rather interesting livery as they were covered in an eclectic mix of both companies’ information and could be seen on both sides of the channel.

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