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16XX DCC Fix

We’re sorry that your Model Rail/Rapido Trains ‘16XX’ 0-6-0PT is not performing on DCC as it should.  After some exhaustive testing by John Gymer at DCC sound specialist YouChoos and Rapido Trains Inc’s own electronics experts, the issue has been finally traced to the C1 and C2
capacitors on the circuit board.   

Removing the capacitors is a comparatively simple job. Follow the simple instructions that follow and your ‘16XX’ should be as good as new. To complete the job you will need: jewellers screwdriver, sharp pair of shears and a needle file.

Step 1

With the body removed, this is the ‘16XX’s’ circuit board. The two capacitors are identified by the ‘C2’ and the ‘C1’ on the PCB. 

Step 2

Take a sharp pair of shears and cut through the C2 capacitor. Remove any traces of the component from the circuit board.

Step 3

Using your shears, cut through the C1 capacitor. Remove any traces of component from the circuit board.  Use the shears to trim back any excess solder.

Step 4

Your circuit board should look like this once the capacitors have been removed. You need to ensure that not a trace of solder links the former capacitor terminals.

Step 5

Carefully use a needle file or similar abrasive tool to remove any trace of solder between the two terminals of both the C1 and C2 capacitor. Alternatively, you could use a ‘solder sucker’. Ensure that no other components are damaged during the process. Test your model and, if happy with the performance, re-fit the body.

Want our help?

You should only attempt this repair if you feel confident messing around with circuit boards and electronics. If you do get into trouble, don’t worry.

You will not invalidate your warranty by attempting this fix yourself. If something goes wrong and you can’t fix it, fill in the form below. We’ll then be in touch to organise a repair.

If you don’t want to try this fix yourself, fill in the form and, again, we’ll be in touch to tell you how we’ll organise a repair.

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